Matthew Dills is an educator, artist, and speaker. He has been “making things” and teaching a variety of programs over the past 20 years. From working with Native American tribes in Western Washington State, to High School and Adult populations in California, Matthew has taught a variety of programs.

Matthew began teaching at Stockdale High School in 2007. He also works for the Career Resource Department. Past work has included positions at IBM, Chevron, Bakersfield High School, Carney’s business and Technology Center, Transforming Local Communities, and consulting work for CTE Online and Bakersfield College.

Matthew’s thesis film at CalArts was an official selection at SXSW among other prestigious film festivals. He has produced several other Independent short films, music videos, and educational documentaries.

Matthew is a passionate educator and artist who believes everyone has the ability to learn. Take a look at the links above to find out more about Matthew, his teaching style, lessons, and films.

Matthew Dills’ Resume’

In 2016 Kern County named Matthew Dills Teacher of the Year.